my daughter is perfect for roadschooling

When it comes to personalities, my daughter is pretty much the opposite of me when I was a child. I was quiet, serious, didn’t like being outside much, didn’t like being dirty, liked quiet, and order, reading and puzzles, and was such an introvert that many sleepovers ended for me when I called my mom, crying, so she could come back and get me. I was headstrong and bossy, however, so we have that in common!

As an adult, though, my daughter and I complement each other well. First of all, we both love new adventures, whether close by or near home. The introvert in me craves a quiet space to temporarily call our own, a cave to crawl into and recharge, but the extrovert (and nature lover) in her prevents me from staying there too long, hiding from more strangers and too much heat/cold. I’d be happy much of the time to stay huddled in a blanket, reading and binge-watching netflix, but my active and outgoing daughter prevents me from becoming a slug. I’d like to think my longing for a safe haven prevents her from going to long without the security of having one.

Reasons My Girl Will be Perfect for Roadschooling:

  1. She gets restless and bored with the same routine for too long.
  2. She is always excited and up for a new adventure, craving new stimuli, and rolling into new places and scenarios with ease.
  3. She sleeps just fine anywhere, as long as she’s tired enough (and her mommy is with her).
  4. She has no comfort object (besides me), therefore I don’t have to worry about losing one and causing her tons of distress
  5. She does very well on long car trips (and sort of well on short or medium plane rides, still working on the longer ones).
  6. She makes friends with everyone, and likes most everyone, so we find friends and company wherever we are, thanks to her outgoing personality.
  7. She rarely likes to sit and play with the same toys or read the same books. Toys in general bore her after a few minutes and she rarely plays with them at home. She’d rather use the world as her toy box!
  8. She is pretty much indifferent to heat or freezing temperatures. It never stops her from wanting to play outside or swim.
  9. She learns best with activities that involve the movement of her body and physical manipulation. She will no doubt be happiest learning things by experience, rather than through a book, a teacher, or a computer.
  10. She doesn’t get sick easily. She’s had an urgent care visit for an ear infection and an ED trip for bronchitis, and this is with going to daycare and school. I’ve actually had more illnesses, including stomach bugs, which she doesn’t seem to get from me.

Author: Mother of All Things

Mother by fostering, adoption, and marriage... wife to my best friend... Bay area critical care nurse... travel in my blood, reading in my bones, clean food on my mind!

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