braggin’ on school

As huge a fan as I am of unschooling, my daughter’s Montessori preschool class really impressed me this year. Her classmates truly became her second family, and her teachers guided her firmly but lovingly and with great respect. She went from a feral beast to someone who cares for and comforts others, likes to be helpful, and proudly learns new things with gusto. Most important, she was happy there. She felt challenged to grow, but supported and loved all the time. I’m so glad I made the choice to put her in, even though the first through months were so ridden with anxiety and self-doubt.

On her last day, she came home with a wonderful portfolio created by her teachers. It has snapshots, descriptions, and examples of all the things she liked doing throughout the year. It’s a treasure¬†that I’ll keep forever!

M “working” with her friends and washing the dishes in her classroom
Some of the types of painting they made with different tools


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